About the Podcast

JJ (left) and Denny (right) had only met virtually before they started podcasting together at the end of the 2012 fantasy football season.

Now they’re bros.

Living the Stream started because the two hosts had the same fantasy football philosophy: rather than playing the same quarterback, tight end, and defenses each week, the two often opted to “stream” those positions, finding gems off the waiver wire instead.

They found success doing it. Streaming worked. And they wanted the fantasy football world to know.

Living the Stream was born.

The show sets out to provide streaming recommendations each week at the three main “onesie” positions in fantasy football in order to help fantasy managers win titles. But, through the years, Living the Stream has become more than that. Fantasy football is the focus, but so is the community of listeners who send in some of the most hilariously bizarre questions that the hosts answer each week.

With Living the Stream, you’ll get top-notch fantasy football advice. You’ll also get laughs, friendships, and very mediocre life advice.