Episode 200: Listener League Draft and Denny Has a Tight End Problem

It’s the yearly S-show episode: the Living the Stream Listener League draft. Denny and JJ bring on a couple of friends to give commentary while the draft goes down. We find out that Denny has a new draft strategy, that JJ actually likes Jordan Howard, and lots more.

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Hey, It’s a New Website

Over the last handful of fantasy football seasons, Living the Stream has brought you — a friend of the show — loads and loads of streaming recommendations based on opposition matchups. Despite some ugly and depressing picks (#NickFolesWeek3), JJ and Denny love the relationships that have been built through the most meaningless podcast in the history of podcasts. So they finally decided to make an official Living the Stream website to organize the community a little better.

LiveTheStreamFF.com is the Living the Stream podcast hub. New episodes will be posted here, as will any general updates for the show.

You’re all lovely, lovely listeners, and we can’t wait to produce #content for you in the future.